Curatorial Practice, Research and Writing

LEE Wing Ki’s research focuses on social, cultural and political histories of photographic practice in the Chinese context. Research projects include 1) Cultural politics of photographic magazines and salon photography in Hong Kong and Communist China; 2) Photographic manipulation, grassroots democracy and the Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong; and 3) Memorial photography, in particular porcelain photo (a form of photo-ceramic) in the Chinese context.

Curatorial Practice

[Forthcoming] Love, not Complex: Queer Art, part of the arts and cultural outreach programme for Gay Games Hong Kong 2022, HK

[Forthcoming] Fill in the Space: Artist in Residence Manifesto, 1a space, HK

Unfolding Hong Kong: Photobook Collection from Lumenvisum, Hong Kong International Photobook Festival 2021, HK

Redux, 1a space, HK, 2020

1a space, the consignment box. In Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel, Fine Art Asia 2020, HK

Porcelain Photo Making Research

[Forthcoming] ‘The Social Lives of Porcelain Photo as Commemorative Portrait in the 20th Century Chinese Context’ in Études Chinoises, Paris, France: Association Francaise D’études Chinoises.

瓷相作為載體 (2016)

Photography in Hong Kong Research

[Forthcoming] Anna Grasskamp, Lee Wing Ki and Wong Suk Mei Irene ‘Euro-American Artefacts as Asian Heritage: Lantern Slides of the China Inland Mission at Hong Kong Baptist University Library’ in Frank Kessler, Sabine Lenk and Martin Loiperdinger (eds.) A Millions Pictures: History, Archiving, and Creative Re-use of Educational Magic Lantern Slides, Utrecht, the Netherlands: KINtop Series.

一個十年 香港攝影發展 (2007 – 2017)《中國攝影》(2017)


Book Review: Lee Fook Chee’s Hong Kong: Photographs from the 1950s in Trans Asia Photography Review, Vol. 7:1, published by Hampshire College in collaboration with Michigan Publishing, USA. (2016) [link]

獨立不小眾 志不在出版 Art Plus (2016)

50 Years of Photo Pictorial 《攝影畫報》五十年 (2014)

Locating Photographic Practice in Hong Kong since the 1960s, Research Report published by Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong (2013) (in English)

‘Portraits of Hong Kong in Documentary Photography’, in Beyond the Portrait, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong (2012)


我們的面孔 ‧ 北野謙 (2012) [link – Chinese]
‘our face’ project – Ken Kitano [link – English]